Friday, February 10, 2017

Art and Surfboards - Driftwood Caravan X Surfing With Friends

 Here's a little piece I wrote on my collaboration with my friend Mauro - I'm stoked on the way these are coming out.

Surfboards and surfing in their most pure form, are created out of the to express beauty and the emotions of love and joy. Both surfing and surfboards require a great deal of human creative skill, imagination and a commitment to the craft. Each are refined over time with both the physical and emotional evolution after every board shaped and every wave ridden. Most of us would agree that surfboards and surfing are pure and deep forms of art. The feelings they inspire could in most cases be regarded as magic. When you add the work of Graham P Day, creator and shaper for the classically styled Southern California surfboard label Driftwood Caravan and the Graphic Design Talents of Mauro Ferarro, the Uruguayan creator of the “Surfing with Friends” concept, more than ordinary rabbits come out of the hat.

“Last year, I crossed digital paths with a guy that I thought was doing some amazing work in the surf / art space. He is a graphic designer from Uruguay named Mauro Ferarro and he was doing these crazy graphic renderings of some of his favorite classic board models with colors and image layouts like I had never seen before. They were of his own effort and uncommissioned works. I thought it would be awesome if some of these boards were made and brought out of the digital world and into the real world so I asked him if he would do a rendering or two for me. I posted them to gage the interest in this type of work. He agreed and did the first renderings for my DC Sam model based on some photos I had sent him. The colors, and his use of shadow and light made the boards look like I had already made them. In fact, one of the guys that regularly reposts my boards on his Instagram profile @boardporn started to think all the photos I was sending him were renderings. It’s hard to tell the difference. Anyway, his work is impeccable and I feel that it complements the curves of my shapes as well as my taste in design.
As of now, he has done 18 renderings which cover most of my stock models. We’ve also done a few totally custom original designs on request. Most of my customers have received the boards have a hard time even waxing them up. They are made to be ridden and they work well. However, I don’t mind if they end up on the wall if it feels good just to have them around. 

As of now, I have brought about half of these designs to life. My goal is to keep working and make all of them and continue to expand the line. In addition to the boards, Mauro is also responsible for the design of my new branding. He’s a very easy guy to work with. His art is clean and I really appreciate his understanding of my personal aesthetic when it comes to image design.”  - Graham P. Day

For more information, contact Graham at or visit the driftwood Caravan Surfboards website at

Mauro Ferraro is a 46 year old surfer / designer . He has enjoyed surfing for over35 years. Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, he has served as a Creative art director for various firms since 1993. He is also a dedicated Husband and proud father of 3-  Baltazar 7, Candela 5 and Juana 2. He currently serves as a partner and director of Havas Gurisa Montevideo advertising agency. Surfing and design are his passion.

Driftwood Caravan Is a “Design First” brand founded by Graham P Day in 2011. Day has a passion for shaping surfboards inspired by alternative concepts in surfboard design born out the transitional era of surfing from late 60’s to the early 70’s. Raised as a surfer in southern California, Day shaped his first board “for the fun of it” in 2006. Focusing on quality, and originality, day now produces about 100 boards a year out of a small factory in Oceanside, Ca

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