Friday, January 20, 2017

Transitional Period Shape for A Modern Surfing Experience

A Time Capsule? Some cool and interesting concept tucked away like an ornate skeleton key forgotten in the velvet pocket of time? Or, is this just a bridge to the fun and personal expression only experienced by riding a wave? Maybe its all of those things. To keep it simple, we will call this one Mr. Style (after my good friend Abe).

A classic, transitional shape with wide point forward.

50/50 rail, a convex bottom entry that blends into a mild panel see out the back. The deck is scooped in both nose/tail and domed at the helm. Fine Foils forward and aft of the meaty parts.

The tail is pulled in with edges foiled. The fin box is pushed slightly forward for more maneuverability from the center of the board and turns off the rail.

Mild panel vee out the back is blended cleanly from the a flatter mid-section.

Lights out did a great job on the glassing with both 8oz and 6oz volan. I carved this 7'2 out of a nice piece of Millennium foam. If you want to know more about Mr Style, please feel free to send me a message and I'll introduce you!

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