Saturday, January 7, 2017

Driftwood Caravan Long-Fish Glider

I've been wanting to shape something that was more than your average glider. My newest shape, the 9’4" long-fish is something ihave created to dominate in the small surf we've started off with this year. However, I also wanted something that I could also take out on bigger days to catch outside sets offering slow rolling mountains early.

Starting with Millennium green density foam and a 3/4" cedar stringer,  The Curves seemed to fit the length and width well but I can go longer or wider. Within the outline I managed to fit full volume with a slightly domed deck, and a thinner rail that is mostly down with a slight bevel on the underside.

Slightly rolled entry and mid section a-la-simmons for classic longboard stability. On either side of the concave,  there's a wide angled chime that wraps around a thinner tail to provide ample amounts of lift and hold.

I thought a lot about what fins to put on these and settled on some long base low profile, single foiled twins. The depth of the concave and foil on the tail almost make going fin-less an option. The length of the base should provide plenty of drive.

Ill post pictures of the glassed goods in a few weeks when its done. I'm also offering this as a custom order option for those interested. if you want to know how much, find out here. I also have a Surfing with Friends Edition with all the bells, whistles and custom art by Mauro Ferarro here. Questions or thoughs? Share in the comments.
Graphic rendering by Maruro Ferraro.

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