Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Displacement Hull Design Update - The DC Stubby

When I started shaping boards back in 2006, one of my biggest inspirations came when I took my first wave on a 7'6 super smoothie shaped by Greg Liddle. at that point I had already been infatuated with surfboards and alternative surfboard design since I was 8. The "hull" was a game changer. I had to figure out how it worked and how I could create the same sensation i got from riding those boards with my own two hands. After several years and several design revisions, here is what I have come up with. This is the best hull I have shaped and ridden in terms of performance and use-ability. IT can be shrunken down to lengths as short as 5'8 and stretched up to lengths of 8'6 or more.

This is a 6'2 Driftwood Stubby with a burnt orange tint, sanded gloss finish, deck/ tail patch, cedar stringer and 6oz glass over US Blanks green density foam. It is for sale to a good home as part of my offering of stock surfboards. Custom price starts at $750

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