Thursday, May 8, 2014

Design Update V-Bottom and the DC Vee

This week has been about making tweaks to my standard designs. One of the designs in particular that I am infatuated with is my tribute to the 60's Vee Bottoms. 

When I came up with the DC Vee about 5 years ago, I was inspired by the work of Bob McTavish, Midget Farrelly, Surfboards Hawaii and more recently Randy Gibbs. 

The Driftwood Caravan version features an updated low profile rocker, foiled rails and less volume throughout the board. 

 I  shape a finely foiled 50/50 rail with an apex that is more defined than the originals. I pulled in the nose a tad and changed the tail block to create a fun, functional, hip turning mid length that works well in a wide variety of waves and conditions.

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