Friday, March 2, 2012

Evening In The Desert..

These Shots were from a few months back but capture the splendor of a place that has sand and powerful waves of raw natural energy...

We captured this image from the porch of the famous desert watering hole, Pappy & Harriett's, just as the sun was saying its final goodbye for the day. As she sunk below the ridge, the air was crisp and the stars were just starting to cut through the icy blue night sky. Venus in all her splendor was showing them what she was made of.. 

This Shot was taken from a hill top on an old mining trail In Joshua Tree National Park. The lens of the camera captured the glare fom the setting sun in a way that made it look like a giant magenta jellyfish.

This one was one of the last shots of the day and was the visual signature of the trip. You can see the red hills with an army of Joshua Trees marching past as they try to follow the setting sun. 
 These are hand lacquered, wood backed prints that we make ourselves. All of them are available for purchase in the store. All Photos by Candy Mako and Myself.

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