Thursday, March 22, 2012

5'2 Speed Seed. Stand-Up Version of the DC Knee Machine...

This is the second variation of the kneeboard I shaped a few weeks ago for my friend Dave. Another friend requested that I make a similar board. This one designed to be ridden as a stand up with a quad fin setup. 

Same Velo inspired outline as the DC Knee Machine.


Scooped out nose with a slightly concave deck.


Pronounced single to double concave out the tail.

Thinner rolled entry that blends into a nice even foil.


Slight vee with an edge out the tail.

Ill make these in just about any size under 7' for those wanting to try something new and different. In this configuration, with the low rocker entry and full outline, the board is really designed to paddle, float, and in some senses, work similar to a quad fish with enhanced "cruisability"...


journeyman said...

What do you charge for these boards?

Graham said...

$550 for a board and fins. A Little more if you want resin tint or airbrush :) If anyone is interested, you can email me at and we can talk specifics.